Food Trip (The CDO Edition): Kagay-anon Restaurant


A trip to the Philippines would not be complete without sampling its local fare. Every city has its own best restaurant if you would want to sample good Filipino food. In Cagayan De Oro, the best place to go to for Filipino food is Kagay-Anon Restaurant located at the 2nd Floor, Rosario Arcade, LimketKai Center.

The place was like any typical Filipino restaurant with well-lighted interiors and wooden tables and chairs.

Since we were hungry after our spa trip, we decided to order a variety of dishes from the menu. Our server was very helpful and offered tips on what to order.

Green Mango Salad with Salted Egg and Tomatoes

I am a fan of green mango salad and this side dish was the perfect companion for our meal. The mangoes were crunchy and sliced chunkily and topped with bagoong, and had a spicy kick to it with some chili peppers.

Sinigang na Sugpo (prawns) sa Miso

This is a classic Filipino soup made out of a tamarind broth base. The soup was tangy with a spicy kick from the peppers. The prawns and vegetables were plentiful and everyone was able to get a hearty serving

Inihaw na Liempo (Grilled Pork Belly)

A favorite Filipino dish, especially to match with the soup. The meat was tender and tasty, just like in any other local Filipino restaurant.

Grilled Tuna Belly

Char was more into fish so we also ordered some tuna. The meat was also very tender and tasty.

Ostrich Salpicao

Kagay-Anon is famous for serving ostrich meat, from a nearby ostrich farm. My mom recommended this from her last trip here and I was eager to eat it as she brought a sample back home. It is very similar texture and flavor to beef, with a bit of after taste. Its tender and juicy, so its definitely a must-try even for the not so adventurous.

The food was over-all tasty, yet, with the exception of the ostrich meat, wasn’t any different from other Filipino restaurants. But bottomline, we were very satisfied and worth the P300-P400/person (about $10) spent for the meal. The service was also very quick and the wait staff was ample and accomodating

With tummies happily filled the first day of the trip, we decided to call it a night. Kagay-Anon is a definite must-try for a taste of good Filipino food in the city.


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