The Story So Far: The Post-Valentine Entry


So its the day after Valentines and we’re half way through the second month of the year. February is the shortest month and to me, it just flew by as quickly as it came.

Since Valentine’s day just ended, I would just like to share the rollercoaster of emotions yesterday. I am currently and still single and all that lovey-dovey atmosphere just sometimes gets to me, that I wish I had somebody to give me flowers or just to simply make me smile and get all giggly (in Filipino we have a term called kilig). But then I remind myself its just a day, all hyped up by society and actually enjoyed it with a food trip with friends during lunch, a light work day, dinner with my family and a nice relaxing evening at home.

Putting that aside, its time to focus again on living life.

So far, February has been a good blogging month for me as I have gained new followers and viewers. I am just astounded by the response. Thank you all for taking the time to read and enjoy my entries and it gives me the motivation to write and make a point to think of something to share each day.

As for work, things have definitely still slowed down this month as sales aren’t picking up yet. I was ranting to it with my teammate and she also shared with me that we are indeed feeling the slow pace at work.

Its also my final month with Sports and I am again feeling the melancholy of leaving a platform I grew to love and people I enjoyed working with. But things are looking up with my original platform, the Kids platform as we just finished our planning and was currently briefed on a corporate-wide campaign just for our young viewers, which was just exciting for our platform.

It was also a rollercoaster of emotions this month as some of my friends dealt with serious issues with their lives this month. You may have not seen it with the entries I’ve been churning out, but it definitely had some effect on me.

I have more to look forward to this month! Happily our lives are slowly getting back to normal. I am also eagerly awaiting our CDO adventure (watch out for this entry) this weekend with Ria, Char and Davis. I am also excited for the Azkals game at the end of the month live in Manila versus Malaysia. I will also be a godmother for the 7th time around to Shawn Jayden Lim who will join the Christian world at the end of the month.

Life is still exciting and I’m still eager to watch and participate in its unfolding 🙂

See you again at the end of the month 🙂


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