Food Trip: Yakitori Kitchen


Its no Valentine’s date but I spent Happy Hearts Day on a food trip with my friends Shierlly and Mitch for lunch at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City after a morning with the clients.

I’ve blogged about Japanese food a couple times now and obviously its one of my favorite cuisines. But we discovered a nifty little find at Burgos Circle called Yakitori Kitchen, which wasn’t your usual Japanese restaurant.

Yakitori comes from the from the Japanese term for skewered food, particularly grilled chicken. And as the name goes, Yakitori specializes in what else? Grilled chicken skewers.

The place is quaint, with not so much room inside, but has two floors to accomodate customers. The lunch crowd was pretty quiet in the area so we got a table immediately.

The interiors were pretty bare, except for Japanese hand drawings of characters holding skewers.

Their menu just consists of an assortment of skewers, with each serving is made up of two sticks. They range from all parts of the chicken – including heart, liver, etc. Think Japanese isaw. They also have vegetable skewers and other foods as well.

The good thing was that they also offered a set menu that was good for sharing for 2-3 people that composed of their best sellers. So we opted to get one order to share. Included in that set menu were 2 sticks of chicken leg with miso, 2 sticks of chicken leg with garlic, 2 sticks of chicken tails, 2 sticks of crab cakes and 2 sticks of quail eggs. This also came with a serving of curry Japanese fried rice.

Complimentary Soup

The complimentary soup was just broth and was a bit bland, but can help warm the tummy.

House Tea

Like any other Japanese restaurant, they also had complimentary house tea which was served upon request.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal as everything was tasty, even the curry fried rice, which at first we were adverse to ordering it and wanted to change to something else. The meat was tender and well-cooked and the sauce was yummy. The chicken tails were a bit odd for my taste as I keep on thinking I was eating tubes of cholesterol (which I think I was indeed eating cholesterol).

Over all we were happy with our meal and the servings were just right for the 3 of us. It might be a different story for heavy eaters (like guys) and they may opt to order more of the skewers or rice.

The entire meal costed us P757 (inclusive of taxes and surcharges) which wasn’t that bad for all what we ordered. It may come out as a bit expensive though if you really do the math.

Another happy new find and another good option to get my favorite meal.


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