Food Trip: SumoSam


Japanese food has made its way into the Filipino palate for a long time now. Gone are the days where we only eat in Japanese restaurants during special occasions like anniversaries and graduations. Now this fine cuisine has made its way to the mainstream.

Japanese food can now be found in local food courts as a fast food option, and series of Japanese restaurant chains are now open where families and friends can now enjoy while on a Sunday at the mall.

One of these Japanese food chains is Sumosam. We ate there this Sunday for lunch while strolling along Shangri-la Mall.

Since we were there fairly early, the restaurant wasn’t so crowded and we were able to get a good table. Our waitress, who looked like an anime character, quickly got our order. A bowl of dilis was served as complimentary appetizer.

Japanese restaurants now a days offer what they Donburi, which is rice topped with viand of your choice serviced in a bowl. Dad, my sister and my brother opted to get bowls of gyudon (beef strips) donburi, while mom and I ordered from the ala carte menu. We also got our usual Japanese fare of miso soup, California Maki and Ebi Tempura.

Dad’s Miso Soup

California Maki

Beef Gyudon Don Buri

Spicy Tuna Salad (made with Tuna Sashimi and Lettuce)

Ebi Tempura

My order – Agedashi Tofu

The food was quick and the servings were plentiful. I always enjoy order of tofu. For dessert, mom got a crepe Samurai to share.

I wasn’t impressed as Hotel Intercon Jeepney Cafe still makes the best Crepe Samurai.

The meal was quite expensive with each dish costing about P300-P400 each. It was almost as if we were going to eat at a Japanese fine dining restaurant. But the food was tasty and plentiful which made up for the price.

Another happy tummy filled on Sunday family day.


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