Loading on Vitamins

I woke up yesterday morning to a bad cough, which later on developed into colds through the day. I am a firm believer this is just a case of the common cold and cough since I don’t have any fever.

One of the best ways to fight this is through liquids and vitamin C. I found this bottle of Suncoast Vitamin Boost in our local 7-11 and immediately bought it to keep me hydrated and loading up during the day.

It actually tastes pretty yummy, like drinking orange juice, not orange-flavored water. When I was done I couldn’t find it in other 24/7 stores or drug stores. I stocked up on this while going to the grocery.

Happy to say my cough is gone, but now has progressed to colds only. So drink up on your vitamins!


4 thoughts on “Loading on Vitamins

  1. you must be filipino ’cause to me this tastes like shit. it’s a knock off of glaceau vitamin water except the flavor is weird.

  2. nowhere else in the world but among filipinos could this oddly flavored, syrupy drink be considered tasty. nowhere. that is why it’s sold only in the philippines. thus i figured you must be filipino.

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