The Story So Far: January Comes To An End

It seems like only yesterday when I launched this new blog for the new year and now one month has gone – one chapter of 2012 has been written.

So far, I have been thoroughly enjoying this blogging experience the second time around as I’m not limiting myself on what to write and what to feature. I’ve gone from my favorite sports, to restaurants, to movie reviews and the like. I have yet (again) to write something deep but why force myself to do one when I just don’t feel the need to write one yet? The time will come.

Since my last personal update, I am extremely glad that my viewership has picked up with more people following my blog and liking my entries. It helped that I joined tumblr and used it as a medium to promote my blog as it attracted more viewers to read. A sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and hope I can help you out in my own little way.

January has been in some parts slow. I guess, this is due to the fact it has been also quite slow moving at work. After a flurry of presentations and inquiries early in the month, things rather slowed towards the end, for the past few weeks. We are also on a transition month as we are about to go back to our old stations at work, which is a much lighter responsibility. My wistfulness for leaving my other teammates have waned as we are focused on our responsibilities for the kids platform and long-tail. Yet worry has also set in as we are off to a slow start this year.

Outside of work has been more lively as I’ve participated in more social gatherings this month, like a spill over from the December get togethers. I am happy to have spent ample time with each group of friends this month. I’ve seen movies, a concert, attend a wedding, gone out of town, and the like.

And yet one cannot help but feel restless as it seems these things have already been routine. Not that I am complaining, as I love what I am doing and what is going on around me and I am thankful that I have all these opportunities to enjoy and spend time with my friends, but a huge part of me is looking for something more.

I have yet the remainder of the year to see how I can expand my horizons. I am looking forward to my travels this first quarter and other adventures that will be waiting for me.

Thanks again for taking the time these first 31 days. See you all in February. 🙂


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