Concert Scene: Katy Perry Live in Manila


There were no strangers in my bed, or pounding in my head.

These are pictures of last night, ended up online… no we’re not screwed.

Last Sunday night. We danced on table tops and we took so many shots… of Katy Perry live in Manila!

The sultry songstress graced our shores to give us #ManilaDreams, the final concert of her 2011 California Dreams Tour at the SM MOA Concert Grounds.

I watched with some of my friends from Landmark Education – Joey and Lex, and Bunny – opting for Gold seats. The concert grounds were divided into 5 areas – Diamond (VIP seats with reservation), Titanium (free seating), Gold (free seating), Silver (SRO) and Bronze (SRO). Based on past experiences, SM MOA isn’t always the best venue for live concerts due to it being an level field and no seating. At most times you can barely see the artist perform. Gold was our best bet as it was the most reasonably priced and had seats.

But despite our seats, you could barely see the stage. We were situated at the area where the floor dipped down, so when the areas in front stood up on their chairs you can barely see the stage. We opted to move to a standing area near the from of the gold section right in front of a large screen.

It took almost two hours for the concert to start. Katy explained in her twitter account and on stage that they had security and technical problems they had fix in order to get things going, but after that the show was just astounding 🙂

Katy came out in her most outrageous costumes, flawless make-up and elaborate wigs as she sang an hour and a half of her hit songs such as “Teenage Dream”, “Waking Up in Vegas”, “ET” and “Last Friday Night”.

The stage was transformed into a Candy wonderland as she took everyone down a trip through Candyfornia. The production numbers were complete with a crew of dancers, back-up singers and a live band on stage. It was a disappointment that we couldn’t really enjoy the stage as it was too small to see from the father sections unlike if it were done in a more enclosed and leveled place.

There was no dull moment on stage as the whole concert was about Katy’s journey through Candyfornia to find her cat, Kitty Purry, and her true love Baker Boy, which were shown through video clips shown in between sets and costume changes.

Katy drove the crowd wild with her sassy remarks and even surprised the crowd by bringing up ex-PBB Teen housemate Ivan Dorschner up on stage for a kiss before launching into “I Kissed A Girl.”

My favorite perfomance of all was when she sang a beautiful rendition of “Not Like The Movies” from her third album Teenage Dream.

Katy ended the night with crowd her favorites and top hits from the album, “Fireworks” and “California Girls”. It was actually a bit anti-climactic as I expected fireworks to really go off, but instead it was just shown on stage.

The night was capped off with Katy spraying fans with water and whipped cream and celebrating on stage with her crew the end of the tour.

Would I do it all again?

No regrets, just love 🙂


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