The Sosyal Network

I came upon this yesterday on Twitter and laughed out loud when I saw the trending topics:

Trending at No. 5 is #PovedanProblems, a spin-off to the other trend #conyoproblems.

I got all nostaligic as I read all the tweets!

What are my top 10 #PovedanProblems during my day:

  1. How do I finish my IWs in 1 night?
  2. How do you slip past Mang Bags without a gate pass?
  3. How do you hang upside down the monkey bars without your undies showing?
  4. Galleria… Galleria… or Galleria on Friday?
  5. How do you properly tape your t-shirt to your undies for CAT?
  6. OMG, my boyfriend is outside the gate. I hope my yaya won’t see.
  7. Whats the color of my panty? (A favorite kinder game)
  8. How do you say something in Spanish aside from “Puedo ir al bano?” or “Que hora es?”
  9. How do I get through CL without falling asleep?
  10. How do you get past the first line and the batotot in patintero?

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