New addictions!

I’m so in love with my iPhone 4s, and most especially the apps! I first downloaded purely games from my iPad, and now I’m on to other apps that are mostly social media and photography in nature šŸ™‚

My latest addiction is now Pinterest:

Its like a online cork board where you can “pin” pictures from any website so you don’t have to save it on your computer or have trouble finding it again. Ideal for those who like organizing or are trying to come up with ideas for projects, like brides for their wedding.

I mostly use this to place pictures and inspirations for my upcoming condo šŸ™‚

My new discovery, thanks to my friend Mitch who suggested this to me is the my365 app šŸ™‚ Its an app where you can post 1 photo a day. Very ideal as a checker for my Project 366 šŸ™‚ Project 365 also has its own app version! So i downloaded it as well šŸ™‚ The only difference is that my365 is more social like instagram, that the free version of Project 365.

Happiness šŸ™‚


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