Who am I in 2012?

Who am I in 2012?


Faith in HIM. I dedicate 2012 to be a year of faith and thanksgiving for the blessings. Time and time again God has showed us his great mercy and never ending love. He is the guide who leads the way and helps you up when you stumble and fall. His blessings are the little miracles every day that makes you get up and fall in love with life a little bit more.

FAITH IN MYSELF. To trust in my abilities. To know my strengths and weaknesses.

FAITH IN OTHERS. You cannot do everything by yourself, its through trust in others that opens up bigger and expansive miracles.


Time waits for no one. In one blink, the present is gone. The past gets filled up and the future is still a big chunk of uncertainty. The present is a gift, and is only given if you open your eyes and look at what is happening right now at this very moment. The present opens your eyes to the truth.

This 2012 is the year to be present – present to the people around me, present to the moments that are happening around me, present to what is happening now.


The future is always uncertain, you cannot entirely predict what’s going to happen. Suddenly life throws curveballs at you. It tests your faith, your character and your strength.

Courage is what makes you take the first step. Courage is what makes you choose your own path and destiny. Courage is what pulls you forward. Courage is what makes you live. Courage is what makes you believe in yourself. Courage to go wherever you never dreamed before.


An abundance of wealth, not just in monetary terms, but an abundance of relationships, time, projects, health, blessings, talents and miracles.

And with abundance comes sharing of these things to others so that they may experience the same happiness and make a difference in their lives.


Life is the greatest adventure. To explore places I’ve never been. To go beyond my limits. To sink to the deepest lows. To climb the highest peaks. To laugh out loud. To test my patience. To capture memories. To take new paths. To discover hidden treasures.


To show the world how beautiful and precious life is. Photographs. Blog entries. New projects. Painting a picture of the future. Unleashing the artist within. Laughing out load. Keep calm and sparkle on. Inner peace.


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As I’ve learned, it sometimes just doesn’t happen overnight. Some things take time to heal, but always remember you can heal. This to shall pass.

Constant vigilance. Patience is a virtue, and practice makes perfect. Habits are made in 21 days.


Being in the present opens your eyes to what’s really there and haven’t noticed before. Its time to open my heart to new things, and the willingness to try it on. And not to worry about others will think or what will happen in the future. Expect the unexpected. Be a space for miracles and blessings.


Shake up the happiness and spread it around! It makes the world a beautiful place. There is a glimmer of hope and faith is restored. A smile can make a difference.

This is also acceptance, acknowledgement and making things work out. Moving forward.

10) LOVE

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor 13:13.


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